about detention tees

we are detention tees, llc.

I am a mom who wanted to branch out from the traditional clothes I saw a lot of kids wearing at the playground, at play dates, and around town.  I began by making shirts after work for my son (pictured here with early prototypes!) 

These shirts are made to be fun - and to get dirty in.  Hopefully, the shirts will spark conversations between parents, and to open up friendships, make people laugh, and maybe even ease those awkward first conversations between parents.

if you like the shirts, buy them.  there are facebook and instagram links conveniently located within the site.  detention tees look great on social media.

please use the "contact us" button, or email directly at info@detentionteesplease.com  for additional sizes, wholesale inquiries, or general questions. for all praise, please blast on social media.

thanks again for visiting detentionteesplease.com - you have great taste!