q: when will I receive my shirt(s)?

a: all inventory that is currently "in stock" will be shipped within 3 business days if placed before 5pm PST.  usps tracking information will be sent promptly.  pre-ordered tees will be be updated with anticipated shipping info within 1 week from the time order was placed.  need tees sooner? email info@detentionteesplease.com for overnight/special shipping arrangements. 


q: will you offer additional designs soon?

a: absolutely.  


q: what kind of shirts are these?

a: aside from awesome, these shirts are printed on american apparel, unless otherwise noted.  


q: how much is shipping?

a: within the Continental USA, shipping is $3 flat; order 1 or order 20; shipping is $3.  International Shipping is available for $25.


q: will wearing detention tees make my kid cool?

a: probably. at the very least, you will get into far more conversations with other parents while your child is wearing a detention tee, thus making you and your partner more friends.  your child will be dressed well, you'll meet new people, and detention tees will get more exposure. a true win-win-win for all.


q: do you have plans to expand the business?

a: my hope is to expand the brand, and involves customer input on individual designs, and high volumes of sales which will allow detention tees to continue this mission.


q. can i submit an idea for a shirt?

a: sure - but we may not bring it to market, and if we do, we probably won't compensate you beyond a free tee.



still have more questions? contact us: info@detentionteesplease.com